Who Did You Help Today?

A great question.  If you are in recovery, you should be asking yourself this everyday.   I believe everyone on the planet should ask themselves this question everyday, but who am I.   In our world though, the world of long term recovery, it is the ultimate question.  The answer will give a huge clue as to where our [...]

Four Root Causes of Negative Emotions

Negative emotions, fear, self-pity, envy, jealousy and anger hold us back, tie us down and suck the joy out of life.  So how do we fight these joy killers?  We have to get to the root causes.  What are the root causes?  These emotions cost us more then joy, they can literally kill the alcoholic [...]

Sober Life Focus

Life works much better with direction.  Direction comes through setting and attaining goals.  When we start to gain sobriety in our lives we can finally start to experience setting and attaining some goals.  We don't want to get to far ahead of ourselves and get into overwhelm but setting some attainable goals is healthy and [...]

How Gratitude Can Heal From The Inside Out

Gratitude Heals From The Inside Out We spend a great deal of time thinking about ourselves.  We are all we think about.  It doesn't matter whether you are and addict or not.  We live in a selfish world, climbing over each other to get to the next shiny object and when we reach it, it's [...]

How Sober Living Can Help You Recreate Your Friends

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. ~ Jim Rohn   When you really start to ponder this, it is powerful.  It makes you think.  First you start to evaluate the five.  Who are they?  It takes some time to decide who is really in the game, doesn't [...]

Atlanta Recovery Residences – Are You Willing To Continue The Fight?

The phone rings or whatever a phone does these days and since the number has an odd area code chances are it is another potential client wanting some information about our Atlanta Recover Solutions.  The calls come daily now into our Atlanta based Sober Accountability Program.  The stories unfold with errie similarities, filled with desperation [...]

Four Atlanta Men Graduate The Arches Sober Living Program

The process of completing the sober living program at The Arches Recovery Residences is multi-dimensional and comes with a variety of celebrations and transitioning fears.  The celebrations are personal to each client depending on their life situation can be a very emotional process.   We are always excited and grateful when one of our clients [...]

The Hopelessness of Alcoholism Prior To Alcoholics Anonymous

This is part of an article from The American Magazine - Volume 62 - 1906 STRANGE CASE OF SOTS WHO FEAR BEING CURED. The cure of the physical drinker is a fairly short and simple matter. The typical Bowery sot is incurable, because he is drunken deliberately and from choice. When delirium tremens is being [...]

Georgia Sober Living Program Sets Up An After Care Program For Graduates

The pain that is Alcoholism is unbearable at times.  Watching the tragedy of the addict and the lives they touch with their addiction is something you never really get use to.  Even as a recovering addict that knows he was the center of the chaos and caused the pain and suffering, it still jolts you. [...]

Atlanta Sober Living On Marta Line

One of the important elements in Sober Living is to have access to public transportation.  The possibility that someone has lost their license or just does not own a vehicle are pretty high.  The other important element to sober living is the ability to find employment so the person can start to transition back into [...]